Operate with better data to manage healthy, engaged and low risk customers

It works seemlessly.

Structured data and Early action powered by AI

Past and present health analysed and future health estimated to help predict, prevent and preserve

Systematic Data Collection

We combine clinical and personal health data, validate it, and make it securely available on the Cloud.

Advanced Data Science

We unleash the power of predictive analytics and machine learning on this data to unearth trends and insights.

Early Warning System for Health

Our platform highlights risks and action plans to then enable measurable health improvements.

The Platform

Artificial intelligent based predictive analytics platform that can be integrated with various data sources and applications. It enables individual and group health analysis with secure data access and privacy. The platform is built on a strong base of evidence based medical science and cohort experience of medical professionals.


A strong predict & prevent mission to eradicate chronic diseases even before any symptoms appear and enhance quality of life using data science


By fusing data science and medicine, the multi-dimensional algorithmic solutions assist health professionals make error free recommendations


Holistic approach to analyze past, present and future arc of patient's clinical and personal health to formulate complete story


Platform harmoniously blends different entities to provide hyper-personalized and simple actionable steps


Single page applications for easy data acccess and effective management


R Based engine to model, analyze quantitative/qualitative health data and generate unit or batch insights through use of machine learning and cognitive computing

Solutions and Applications

For Health Managers

Cross Platform DataAssist Applications for Instant Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • Get patient clinical and personal health information integrated
  • Embedded data cleaning and validation algorithms
  • APIs for LIS/HIS integration to automate data flow
  • Individual and Group Health Analysis and Reports

For Doctors

Single Screen DocAssist Application to Evaluate Patient's Entire Health Story

  • Cloud-based editable EMR
  • Easy integration with LIS/HIS
  • Less errors, 10X patient time
  • Latest guidelines’ based medical suggestions
  • Prescribe, track medications and compliance
  • Manage patient follow-ups and engagement

For Everybody

myHealthVectors Engagement Applications for Long-term Health Improvement

  • Connect with your doctors and share your health with them
  • Manage disease risks through focused targets
  • In-depth health insights and smart reports
  • Specific and dynamic diet plans round the clock
  • Automated publishing of personalised health reports
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