Patient Health Explored Deeper

We benchmark the current and future health of an individual and help various stakeholders make more informed actionable business decisions.



Smart Health Analytics Insightful Tools for Deeper Patient Engagement

Diagnose Early, Market Proactively and Achieve Better Outcomes with our patient engagement solutions. We help you build long term patient health records and derive meaningful insights into patient health to ensure continued care.



Health Claims Reducing Analytics Tools for Proactive Case Management

Understand and reduce claims from your portfolio, set personalized goals for individual and group customers. We help you design data-driven incentive programs to make your portfolio healthier and risk free.

Dive deep to explore actionable decisions

Focused Marketing to Improve Conversion Rates

Gain insights to upsell and cross-sell specific services to health checks patients in need

Efficiently Drive Patient Engagement

Streamline follow-ups to engage your customers efficiently and keep a track of patient revisits

Customise Your Marketing Campaigns

Data based marketing to increase footfalls and patient network expansion

Execute your decisions on a simple and intelligent platform

Patient Health Management on a Single View

Disease risk profiling and reduction pathways, Diet planning, Physical activity and Recommendations planning for patients in a single view

Intuitive Health Analytics Tools and Reports

Insightful tools and reports for individual patients and groups to maximize engagement into health improvement

Business Focused Segmentation of Patient Lists

Quick and easy access to focused insights into patient data to help you take predictive decisions and enhance business value

Easy Health Analytics as a Service (HAaaS) model to fit your business needs

We love our customers and they do too

Upgrade your business with use of AI