AI-based Health Intelligence Platform


Patient-centric Doctor-driven care powered by AI

We strengthen the weakened doctor-patient bond and enable health managers promote patient-centeric care by maximizing the extent to which patient, doctor and manager's interests overlaps.


We assist doctors guide patients based on proper and authentic medical guidelines


We enable doctors elongate patient engagement with use of interactive applications


Our predictive analytics help doctors prevent or even reverse a chronic disease with deep insights

One platform for personal health management

Health Vectors is the leading personal health analytics provider for health managers. Our predictive platform and solutions process millions of data points on daily basis for disease risk analysis, risk reduction and continued engagement between patients, doctors and health managers.

Deeper Patient Engagement
For Hospitals
Diagnose Early. Proactively Market. Achieve Better Outcomes.
Proactive Case Management
For Insurers
Understand and reduce claims and risk from your portfolio.

Deeper Insights

Use patient health records and analytical trends to help doctors provide the best care to your patients. Consolidate data to run customer retaining campaigns.

Better Outcomes

Help patients build long term structured data records and prevent chronic diseases before they happen. Then help them stem or delay onset of diseases.

Continued Care

Use patient health & clinical data to facilitate doctor consultations, repeat visits, and follow-up tests. Enable patients to take better care of themselves.

Predict & Reduce Risk

Benefit latest predictive analysis techniques such as claims probability index computation and population risk mapping. Reduce your portfolio risks.

Personalized Goalsetting

Set transparent personal goals based on individual's current, past health and future disease markers. Link health metrics to simplify premium negotiations.

Incentivize Healthy

Run risk awareness and engagement programs for your customers. Run data-driven incentive programs to make your portfolio healthier and risk-free.

Bringing analytical precision and medical care together

Accurate Forecasts of Health Risk

Insights backed by Authentic Medical Science

Focused Interventions and Action Plans

Regulatory Complaint Data Privacy

Simple and Intelligent

Introducing a new design and technical framework to get deeper insights into patients' health

Real-time monitoring and engaging patients to ensure best outcomes

Rich APIs and Tools to integrate your network, applications with our platform

Easy Health Analytics as a Service (HAaaS) to meet your business needs

We work with prestigious companies

Columbia Asia Hospitals India

HealthSpring Family Health Experts

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

Upgrade your business with use of AI